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Building Cohesion through the Gift of Giving
Rewards make a great way to motivate your staff or promote customer loyalty. However, faceless corporate gifts like ornamental objets d’art and generic electronic gadgets may not adequately convey the values and impact your organisation intended.

Oregon Scientific offers smart business gifting ideas for smart living. Partner with us to create corporate rewards that utilise life-enhancing and groundbreaking technology designed with passion, vision and a purpose for life. Our stylish and intelligent gift solutions can be specially designed and personalised to seamlessly match your organisation’s message, effectively highlighting and enhancing your planned corporate campaigns, incentive programmes or reward schemes. 

Personalised Presents for a Personal Touch
Our wide range of “Smart Living” gift choices ensures there’ll be one to suit your needs:
  • Elegant corporate gifts
  • Tactical promotional gifts
  • Lifestyle gifts for customers
Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to create innovative and personalised corporate gifts:
  • Gift advisory and planning
  • Logo imprinting
  • Special design & development (with MOQ)

Collaborate with us within your budget:
Our staff can select the most suitable gifts for your target audience that perfectly match your budget.

Oregon Scientific works with corporations of all sizes in all industrial sectors across the world. Harness our wealth of experience and expertise to design smart, high-technology business gifting solutions for your organisation. We are proud to work with the following corporations worldwide, providing distinguished solutions for their CRM, promotional or reward campaigns:

Banks & Finance Bank of America
Coldwell Banker
Bank of East Asia
Chase Manhattan
Airlines Cathay Pacific


Property Century 21 ReMax
Telecommunication Vodafone  
FMCG Kraft Nestle
Motor & Petrol Nascar Shell

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