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Wellness & Beauty

Feel Better, Be Better
In the midst of our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that our physical and emotional wellbeing may need care. Sometimes, this is care we think we have no time to give ourselves, but soothing the daily aches and irritations we encounter requires only the simplest of actions to restore us to complete holistic joy. Our Wellness range makes looking after yourself easy, and accessible at work or at home. Now, doesn’t that feel good?

Massagers ►
Sheer Relief at Home or On the Go
Few things are more soothing than the touch of hands against tired, aching limbs.
i.comfort is a versatile massager range that provides comprehensive massages to relieve tension and sore muscles in different parts of your body. From targeted stress relief you can slip into your briefcase, to deep heating massage seats for a fuller massage experience, our products will help you knead your aches away.

Health Monitors ►
Put Your Health in Your Hands
It’s easy to look after yourself with a little help. Instantly keep track of blood pressure with an easy touch wrist cuff or watch your weight with precise digital scales that measure your Body Mass Index (BMI). Advanced memory functions note down the time and date of readings, so you’ll always know how close you are to your health goal.

Sensory Therapy ►
Infuse Your Senses in Calm
Revive your spirit and regain inner serenity any time you wish. Our smart i.relax aroma diffuser range rejuvenates the spirit as well as the physical senses, with a combination of advanced technologies that perfectly diffuse soothing natural aromas, gently play sounds from nature’s orchestra or your own music collection, and even emits glowing auras to tenderly restore your mood.

Better Sleep ►
A Refreshing Start for the Restless
If you’re struggling to get up on dark winter mornings, let nature lend a hand, with a little help from us. Our i.wake sunrise clock simulates the glow of dawn in your bedroom, even on those cold mornings. It provides gentle illumination while playing sounds from nature over time, allowing you to wake up more healthily and naturally without intrusive alarms. Step out of bed refreshed and relaxed, filled with joyful simulated sunrise.

Health & Diagnostics ►
Ongoing Support for Better Health
In the midst of an active, full life, it’s easy to overlook caring for our health. Our health and diagnostics i-balance products are handy, high-tech tools that fit seamlessly into even the busiest lifestyle to help enhance your wellbeing. Raise your energy levels, boost metabolism and improve blood flow simply and effectively.

Beauty & Spa ►
Looking Good Starts from Within
Rejuvenate your natural glow – simply, easily and in ways that ensure your beauty is 100% you. Our beauty and spa range incorporate the latest technologies in smart, user-friendly products that help you look good and keep you feeling good—because no one is more beautiful than the person you are inside.


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Ambient Wakeup Light

Wake up Naturally and Comfortably
illumi started off as a concept to claim nature into everyone’s home. Through observing various times and different mood moments in a day, illumi captured an enormous range of hues, simulates the Mother Nature's ambience through dynamic lightings to help reset our daily rhythm.

  • Dual lighting system: colourful LED mood light and dawn-dusk stimulation
  • Choose a colour from a thousand hues of light by touching the halo
  • Sync the alarm with your sleep cycle via the smart phone to find out the best wake-up moment
  • 6 built-in natural sounds and FM radio
  • Preset light-changing modes to match with the natural sounds play
  • Digital clock with alarm using natural sounds of FM radio
  • Audio line-in with speaker to play music from other music device
  • Illumi sleep app displays total & average sleep time, statistics and alarm setting
  • Energy efficient and long lasting LED technology
  • Powered by AC/DC adaptor

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DuoScent Aroma Diffuser WA328

Choice of scents at your preferred times!
Set a time, set a fragrance, set a mood with the DuoScent Aroma diffuser. This stylish accent piece hides twin scent chambers, allowing you to alternate between fragrances for luxuriously scented ultra-fine mist to fit your mood and personalise your space. Drift off surrounded by relaxing lavender and wake to energising citrus, or let rosemary create a productive afternoon and jasmine a romantic evening, without switching cartridges or pouring oils. Its elegant white marble finish also provides a stylish conversation piece with 7-colour mood lighting to complement your décor.

  • Contains two scent diffusers with separate programmable timers
  • Produces ultra-fine mist for longer lasting aroma and wider scent dispersion (10 – 50 m²)
  • Standard plug-in aromatic oil cartridges are easy to use and change
  • Programmable timers reduce waste, for up to a month of use per cartridge
  • Elegant marble finish with 7-colour mood lighting options further enhances users’ moods and visual enjoyment
  • Sleek, easily-adjustable LCD clock and timer display
MUSE Aroma Diffuser WA338

When Art Meets Aromatherapy
Bringing together a lush aromatic mist with natural sounds and soft flickering candle effects, this ultrasonic mist diffuser is reminiscent of the iconic basket-bottomed Chianti candleholder, evoking the romantic and relaxing ambiance of a cosy night out in the privacy of your own home. Luminous Bone China finishes offer a natural yet refined touch of style, elevating this diffuser to a piece of functional art.

  • Bone China material creates a sophisticated natural design
  • Diffuses soothing aromatic mist
  • 6 soothing music with flickering candle light effect for a relaxing ambience
  • Uses safe, flameless and whisper-quiet ultrasonic diffusion technology
  • Optional timer with LED indicator allows for 1 or 2 hours of continual mist
  • Built-in speaker plays soothing sounds
  • LED backlight with flickering candle effect
  • Water level sensor turns mist off when water drops too low
  • Water volume: 150ml
  • Mist volume: 15ml/hr
  • Powered by 24V AC/DC adaptor
Earth Aroma Diffuser WA205

bring an elegant natural ambience home
Soothing lullabies, soft mood lighting and ultrasonic aromatic mist set the stage for natural relaxation with this natural wood and glass aroma diffuser.

  • Diffuses soothing aromatic mist for a relaxing ambience
  • Uses natural wood with refined glass and ceramic to create a sophisticated natural design
  • Large tank for up to 4 hours of vapour
  • Uses safe, flameless and whisper-quiet ultrasonic diffusion technology
  • 4 ambient lighting modes: pink, blue, purple and changing-colors
  • Plays 5 natural sounds and music
  • Optional timer settings for continuous 1, 2 or 4 hours of mist
  • Volume control for high- or low-density mist
  • Powered by 24V AC/DC adaptor
Aroma Diffuser WS903

RELAX and SOOTHE your senses. Holistic indulgence with advanced safety ultrasonic technology
Blending earth-blessed aromas, 5 nature sounds and 6-colour mood lights into perfect harmony to create a relaxing atmosphere for your body and mind to transcend the mundane.

  • Advanced ultrasonic vapour diffusing technology
  • Multi-sensory relaxation: aroma, light-effects , soothing sounds/music
  • 6-color light effect in swirl : pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue
  • 5 natural sounds and music: rain drop, ocean wave, bird sing, piano, yoga music
  • Digital LCD display of time
  • Alarm settings: sound, aroma or light
  • Wake-up and sleep mode for aroma diffusing
  • Safety switch-off when water level is low
  • Infrared remote control
  • Powered by 24V AC/DC adaptor

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Zen Aroma Diffuser WS909

RELAX and SOOTHE your senses. Holistic indulgence with advanced safety ultrasonic technology

Made of natural wood, a ZEN product that leads you into a state of tranquility with its scent, colour and music of your choice.

  • Natural wood housing
  • Advanced ultrasonic vapour diffusing technology
  • Multi-sensory relaxation: aroma, light-effects , soothing sounds/music
  • 6-color light effect in swirl : pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue
  • 5 natural sounds and music
  • Audio music line in for playing music from audio device
  • Safety switch-off when water level is low
  • Sleep timer function 1hr or 2hrs
  • Infrared remote control
  • Powered by 24V AC/DC adaptor

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Compact Aroma Humidifier WS128

a personal aromatic hydrating oasis with simplicity & elegance

An elegant and eco-friendly aroma diffuser and humidifer in one, to soothe your senses and restore hydration to your skin.

  • Ultrasonic mist diffusion system with 2 adjustable diffusion levels
  • Silver ion anti-microbial water chamber inhibits germs and keeps water fresh
  • Reuses standard beverage bottles as a water tank to reduce carbon footprint
  • Able to use independently as on-the-spot humidifying
  • Supplied with 2 bottle adaptors
  • Rotatable tank cover to adjust mist direction
  • Easy one-touch system for power and diffusion control
  • Equipped with aroma diffusion plate for instant aromatherapy
  • Ambient lighting effects
  • Available in black cherry and white coconut
  • Carrying pouch included
  • Powered by 24V AC/DC adaptor
NCCO Air Sanitizing System WS907

Clean the Air you Breathe
NCCO Air Sanitizing System more than a modern art piece at home of offices, it can effectively guard you from Bacteria (99.99%), Influenza Viruses (99.95%), TVOCs (99.52%) and Respirable Suspended Particulates (99.72%). It offers quality air for our health and a happy home.

  • Applies 4-stage Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) air sterilizing technology (globally patented technology)
  • Filtration system: Nano-filter (Zeorite), Washable pre-filter
  • Recommended room size: ~ 150 ft²
  • Gas sensor: Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) air quality sensor
  • Digital air quality indicator : from 1 (best) to 20 (worst)
  • LED light air quality indicator : Amber – worst, Green – fair, Blue - good
  • 4-level Fan speed settings : Auto, High, Low, Silent
  • Smart night mode for auto-adjusting the strength of the LED light
  • Safety lock for filters installment
  • Filter Expectancy: 3 years replaceable Nano-filter
  • Powered by 220V DC adaptor

User Manual | Leaflet | Online Demo | Buy Now

Compact NCCO Air Sanitizing SystemWS908

Clean The Air You Breathe
Effectively protect you and your beloved from harmful bacteria and unpleasant odour. An easy-to-use and one-touch-operated system for your car, your work station and small room at home.

  • Applies 4-stage Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) air sterilizing technology (globally patented technology)
  • Filtration system: Nano-filter (Zeorite), Washable pre-filter with Ionizer
  • Removal of viruses (H3N2): 98.5%
  • Removal of bacteria (Staphylococcus albus): 96.54%
  • Removal of Odour (TVOCs, smoke): 85.83%
  • Removal of Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP, Smoke): over 91.67%
  • Recommended room size: ~ 105 ft³
  • 1-level Fan speed setting
  • One-touch switch on/off operation
  • Safety lock for filters instalment
  • Filter Expectancy: 3 years replaceable Nano-filter
  • Powered by USB plug-in or car charger or AC adaptor

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Skin Restoring System

A true NUTRIENT PENETRATION into deeper skin layers
Applies patented Nano-Cyclone Technology to turn NanoActiv Solutions into ultra-fine cool mist to facilitate nutrient penetration into deeper skin layers as well as to repair damaged hair.

  • Nano-Cyclone technology for ultra-fine cool mist
  • Skin Mode allows direct application of intensive moisture
  • Hair Mode smoothes and nourishes hair deep
  • Sleep Mode (with timer) humidifies air for overnight moisturising and refreshing the skin
  • Aromatherapy Mode diffuses fragrance for relaxation
  • Cover and hidden handle enhance the clean line aesthetic
  • Accessory carrying bag included
  • Powered by 24V DC adapter

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Ssmart Talking
Blood Pressure Monitor

Your intelligent health monitoring station!
Never struggle to read your blood pressure on tiny gauges or dim LED screens again! This smart monitor speaks aloud in 5 languages so you don't have to hassle with difficult displays, and stores up to 100 readings with a date and time stamp so you can check morning and evening averages for better tracking of your health. It even cares for your health with a hypertension indicator and irregular heartbeat detection, to give you early warning of potentially serious health problems. This thoughtful monitor features a special holder for the cuff so it’s always kept close, and wireless connectivity for extra convenience.

  • Wirelessly connects to Bluetooth 4.0 devices with “Ssmart Blood Pressure Monitor” app
  • Reads systolic and diastolic blood pressure and measures pulse
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Hypertension indicator bar
  • Talking function in 5 languages (English / French / Spanish / Mandarin / Cantonese)
  • Up to 100 measurement records with date and time stamp for max two users can be stored with date and time stamp
  • Morning and evening average blood pressure display
  • Low battery detection

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